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A year ago my friend @glassrobot put up some walls in Fort Winning so the Gorilla and I would have somewhere to paint. Today he heads out on an epic solo ride cross country from LA to NY. Safe travels brother. We’ll hold down the fort until you get back! #6thStRollers #bigups #dofunshit

The beast is done! Just need to attach the rabbit & take some pics. #maniacallaugh #painting

The rabbit’s almost done. #Trix #painting #wip

I dreamt last night that my Uncle Mike drove me in his ‘78 bronco to our family reunion at Men’s Warehouse. On the way we saw Reggie Miller. At the reunion my cousin John bought a jean jacket, my Dad bought a Delta Airlines uniform and I helped my Mom steal wooden pants hangers, which made her super happy. I left the reunion to battle on ‘the grid’ in Tron driving a blue Bugatti light car. I was just about to beat my first opponent when I decided to stop and monologue. Of course this was my undoing and he destroyed my car, but luckily I escaped into the tunnels of the grid where Daft Punk played live and I could control the weather. Then I woke up and instagrammed it. #dreambig

The last piece of the #Trix #painting is starting to take shape. #wip

Stoked to be back in the studio bringing stuff to life. #wip #typography #painting

The last 2 weeks have been a blur. They started in the Nevada desert at Burning Man with goggles, dust mask and bike, and ended in Wisconsin at my sister’s 19th century wedding with a top hat, staff and horse drawn carriage. Suddenly LA doesn’t seem so weird and crazy anymore.

Spent the past week with these two mofos in the dusty/desert/EDM/LED/glow stick/Mad Max/wonderland/craziness that is Burning Man. We climbed more art installations then I can remember, including this steel cage that sat three stories above the Playa below. Mind completely blown (in a good way). #burningman2014

"LIFE IS EITHER A CRAZY ADVENTURE OR NOTHING AT ALL." -HELEN KELLER Taking a break from the studio to do some stuff I’ve never done. Started the day at sea level in LA. Now overlooking Mono Lake from upwards of 10000 ft…en route to Burning Man. #burningman2014 #hustleandflow #thegorillawantsout

Final layers coming together on the stormtrooper. #wip #painting #stormtrooper #starwars #trix

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